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Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum

The Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum (SSNF) aims to promote the essential role that nurses play in stroke, with the sharing of knowledge, skills, research and expertise.

The Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum (SSNF) is for registered nurses, non-registered nurses and student nurses with an interest in stroke working in Scotland (events and conferences are open to other health professionals).

SSNF 2024 Conference Date: 19th September.

Annual conference hosted by The Scottish Stroke Allied Health Professions Forum (SSAHPF) and The Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum (SSNF).

We are delighted to announce the date of our joint conference which will take place in the Stirling Management Centre, Stirling.

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Aims of forum

  • To promote the essential role of nurses in stroke
  • To share and develop knowledge, expertise and best practice
  • To incorporate research–based evidence into practice, and promote research
    to improve outcomes
  • To help develop core competencies, education and training initiatives for
    stroke nurses
  • To advise and influence the provision of stroke nursing services in order
    to affect patient care and carers at local and national level

About SSNF

The Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum (SSNF) aims to promote the essential role that nurses’ play in stroke with the sharing of knowledge, skills, research and expertise that enhances best practice.

This is achieved by playing an active part influencing nursing developments and services at local and national levels with the focus to help improve the stroke journey for patients, families and their carers.

History of SSNF

About SSNF

SSNF Chair

Linda Campbell
Stroke Co-ordinator
Stroke Unit
Raigmore Hospital

01463 704086

Email: [email protected]

Scottish Stroke Improvement Plan

The Stroke Improvement Plan sets out the priorities and actions to deliver improved prevention, treatment and care for all people in Scotland affected by stroke. The SSNF is proud to work as part of the teams making this happen.

The Best Practice Statement

The Best Practice Statement for vision
problems after an acute stroke.

Stroke is a life changing experience. The resulting brain damage can affect the visual system causing problems with visual perception, eye movement disorders, low vision and visual field loss. The Quick Reference Guide below summarises the main points of a Best Practice Statement which provides advice on screening, assessing and managing vision problems in the first 30 days after anacute stroke.

> Download the Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

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SSNF Conference

SSNF Conference

2024 Conference

The 2024 Joint SSNF & SSAHPF conference will take place on 19th September 2024.

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